worm, parcel, and serve
jumpers. site-specific installation.
LV21, Gillingham, Kent 2011

I was invited by Figure Ground along with 20 other artists, to make a site-responsive intervention on the decommissioned lightship LV21, which is now moored at Gillingham in Kent. The ship is an imposing structure, all hard metal and functional parts, with no frills. But when in operation, it was manned by a collaborative crew of sailors, who spent up to 80% of their time cleaning and tending to the fabric of the ship, and much of the remaining time cooking and eating together, playing cards, and making things. Occasionally they all got together to do a tricky job, like recalibrating the anchor cable. Now, the new owners of the ship are once again lovingly restoring and repairing it. This piece introduces these soft bodies and a sense of personal care into the hard functional space once again, a chain of sailors’ sleeves hugging the capstan, following the original path of the anchor cable around the mechanism and out through the bow. The sleeves were stuffed with their own jumpers, and all sourced second hand.