hallway study
audio piece.
acoustics and site-specific art practice research.

The above recordings are the result of experiments involving a water irrigation system feeding water into two buckets which as the water hit the bottom of the buckets caused them to sound at their natural frequencies. With the irrigation system I was able to control the rate of water being fed to each.

This soundmaking system was placed in the hallway of my house. The hallway and the buckets had a good relationship. Running recordings of the buckets through a spectrum analyser there were several frequencies at which there was a correlation between the frequencies emphasised by the bucket and the resonant frequencies of the hallway. When the buckets sound we hear the space respond, a build of sound energy occurs, sound begins emanating from the space as well as from the buckets. The space becomes an instrument.

As the buckets are filled their weight increases lowering their natural frequencies, throughout the duration of the recording their resonant frequencies are in flux and therefore so is the relationship between the space and the buckets. The recordings are a document of this process. In addition to the relationship between the space and the buckets, the buckets create an interesting polyphonic texture.

This was a study for the larger work: stillaphone