300-room residence, sea views, great security...
mattresses, palettes, rope, with audio. performance-installation.
"Home Sweet Home festival", commissioned by GlogauAIR Studios, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin 9th July 2010.

“Dover Immigration Removal Centre is run by HM Prison Service. It occupies a historical site on top of the cliffs with views across the docks.” (UK Border Agency website). Where is home when you are taken from your friends, relatives and job and thrown in a prison by the country you have lived in for years? “They are like ghosts, moved without warning or explanation across the country in the dead of night, transported
in unmarked vans. A silent cargo.” (Herald Scotland, Life Inside Dungavel) Why is home geographically located? “Compounds are designed so detainees can look only inwards and up at the sky, not out to the horizon.” (Sydney Morning Herald on Baxter detention centre). What is a nation and why should home be defined by it? “Outside there is a courtyard with concrete walls and floor, a few plastic chairs. The guards oversee it all through glass doors and large observation windows.” (Life inside an Australian refugee detention centre, wsws.org) Who has the right to tell someone to ‘go home’? “In Port Hedland, there are coffin cells, tiny compartments without windows; there's no difference between night and day.” (wsws.org).

This piece was temporarily inhabited by the performer Caylin Rose Janet for 5 hours. Entirely closed in, at ground level the performance could only be experienced aurally. The audience could view the full performance (and listen to the soundtrack) from the windows on the upper floors inside the building.