another time at the same place at the same time in another place
binaural audio, gold survival blankets, found materials (clay tiles, bricks, tent pegs, wood, readymades).
site specific invisible performance for an audience of one (through headphones)
Schiume festival at Polveriera Francese, Forte Marghera, Venice, 2012.

The Polveriera Francese is a building located inside Forte Marghera, which has a history stretching back to the early 1800s where it was built by French forces who occupied the area. The work explores the Polveriera Francese as a space of conflict – its military history – and a sensory conflict between what is seen and what is heard.

another time at the same place at the same time in another place is delivered through headphones to one listener at a time, seated in the centre of the space exactly where the performance was recorded. The ambience, the acoustic and the recorded performance within the Polveriera Francese were captured with binaural microphones, sound was spatialised creating a sound image of the surrounding space and the actions recorded in it, resulting in a disconcerting simulacrum between the real and the recorded, the character of the recorded space sounding identical to the ‘real’ sound of the space, a feeling that one is not wearing headphones at all.

The audio work features sounds made inside and outside the space, facets of the space such as doors and windows were opened and closed to tell a story in sound, a narrative through movement. Objects used in the sound recording were left in the locations of their sounding throughout the space, scenes in which only visual traces are left, their roles becoming clear as they are activated through listening to the audio, used by the invisible characters in the unfolding narrative. Only through listening for the duration of the audio and noting its relationship to what is visually present in the space does the narrative unfold.