back stowell street
binaural audio, cotton sheets, hot water, found materials (oil cans, wooden boxes, string, tea towels). site specific invisible performance for one audience at a time (through headphones).
Borders Project artist residency, Morden Tower, commissioned by Situation Rhubarb, Newcastle 2012.

We spent a week in Newcastle researching and responding to the borders of the city, and in particular, the unique spatial and acoustic qualities of Morden Tower. Morden Tower is a medieval building located on the city wall, once the home of the wealthy guild of goldsmiths, plasterers and pewterers. Inside, the organisation of power can still be mapped by the arrangement of the guild's seating and the spot where newly arrived migrant workers would have stood, asking for work. On one side the tower overlooks a smart lawn, used by dogwalkers and powerwalkers during the day. On the other side, it overlooks a back alley of Chinatown (back stowell street), a dynamic space of noise, smells, discarded packaging, smoking and chatting. Our installation was inspired by the early 19th century, when city guildsmen and chinese migrants might have brushed shoulders.