if we stop now, they'll crush us like bedbugs!
found objects. installation with 4 channel audio, intermittent tv, radio and telegraph signals (via timers).
Post-Industrial Revolution artist residency, WYSPA Institute of Art, Gdansk shipyard, 2011.

During a one-month artist residency in Gdansk Shipyard, louie+jesse created a site-specific installation exploring the 1970s uprisings and shipyard strike of 1980. They became interested in selective cleansing of history, how some areas are left as monuments and others (the messy elements) are demolished. The work explores the role of Alina Pienkowska, an activist and nurse who became stranded in the clinic during the strike, and centres on a particular moment within the strike’s history, just before communication lines were cut off, where Alina made a quick but vital phone call to Jacek Kuroń stating details of the strike including its demands. As a result information about the strike was relayed worldwide. It is an understated but significant moment within the shipyard's history. Having acquired a small stand-alone building in the shipyard, just outside Wyspa Institute of Art, as a location in which to realize their artwork, louie+jesse developed a site-specific installation. The installation appears to be a cross between a hospital room and a hotel room. Their work draws on archival material but is also influenced by the recent Young City developments and regeneration taking place within the shipyard grounds, where one former hospital has become a hotel. The room resonated with an almost imperceptible hum, interrupted by moments from outside, such as the tv or radio switching on, or the sound of riots from a hidden speaker.