odysseus and penelope
site specific performance-installation, performance devised in collaboration with dancer Kim Noble
TactileBOSCH, Cardiff, April 2009.

Twenty years after he seige of Troy. Odysseus is still lost at sea, and penelope is still waiting, weaving a shroud...

A semi-improvised promenade piece for three musicians (flute, clarinet and double bass) and two dancers, based on Homer's Odyssey. The composition of the music and the dancers movements have an open form, each performance is unique as the sequence of pre-composed events is different in each time. Odysseus travels around the space visiting different islands, Penelope is weaving. The band was located in the centre of the room, and the audience moved freely around the space. In the last section of the piece the central area of the space becomes the main stage as Odysseus and Penelope meet at least. As in the epic poem, the work culminates dramatically as Odysseus finally returns to Ithaca where he meets Penelope.