Shortcuts through Sønderjylland-Schleswig
40 photographs and 17 mins binaural soundwork. installation.
Aabenraa Artweek, Aabenraa/Flensburg/Kruså, 2013.

Flensburg (part 3)

This installation records a journey through three towns in the region Sønderjylland-Schleswig: Flensburg (in Germany), Aabenraa (in Denmark), and Kruså (no-man's land, the official border between the two countries).

The sound recordings were made using a binaural rig, which gives a 'subjective' experience of hearing as the microphones are worn next to the recordist's ears; his head blocks and filters the surrounding sound. Each audio clip is accompanied by a corresponding photo, taken at the same spot – another selective description of place filtered through a different sense. Along the way, we met other people who told us about their own journeys and border-crossings, and some of these are included. We are interested in the spaces between the descriptions – each method leaves other elements of the story unsaid, up to the imagination.

With this piece we wanted to explore the imperceptible borders in the gradual movement through sonic and visual territories which happens during a stroll through town. Short distances are subdivided by the sharp audio cuts which function as numerous tiny borders, but are at odds with the natural bleed of sound, which refuses to be defined by politically imposed lines on a map.

This piece was made on a residency as part of Aabenraa Artweek and exhibited at Skraenten 9, Aabenraa in August 2013.