water, brass receptacles, brass chain, plastic bottles,
dripper nozzles, fabric. site-specific sound installation.
Durham International Brass Festival, The Old Music School, Palace Green, Durham 2013.

A drop of water falls from the rafters into a brass jam pan.
The pan rings out; and the space resounds back. Just as
that happens, another drop falls elsewhere in the room,
then another, and another...

In this immersive installation in a historic grammar school, a makeshift ensemble of everyday household objects play a fantasy for water, brass and space. Teapots, coal scuttles, jugs and planters are sounded by water drops to create a subtle composition exploring the connection between sound and architecture. Walking around the space, the audience can experience the piece from different aural points of ‘view’. As the day goes by, the piece changes: the pace slows and the water fills the brass objects, lowering the pitches they produce.

"Like a post-John Cage take on 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head', with echoes of Ligeti's Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes in the use of chance. A very ingenious, yet strangely calming artistic creation." - Andy Hamilton in The Wire 355, Sept 2013

A Brass:Pitch commission for Brass: Durham International Festival.

Video by Matt James Smith.
Mark Slater Photography provided courtesy of Brass: Durham International Festival.